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Mop with sprayer for polishing and sterilizing ceramics and magic marble

Mop with sprayer for polishing and sterilizing ceramics and magic marble
From د.ج.‏ 1,000.30

Memory Medical Foam

gel pillow .. Made from Memory Foam for permanent comfort in sleep Get rid of Back pain Headache and insomnia Neck pain Facial temperature Features of medical gel pad Soft snowy feel Attractive shape Thin on head and neck Fit the head and neck curvature
د.ج.‏ 5,607.72 د.ج.‏ 3,000.89

Extract pearls from oysters

We put in your hands a beautiful gift of natural agricultural pearls in a real conch All Maaliki is to extract the oysters from the container and open the clamshell gently and evaluate the search inside the oyster Pearl and evaluate clean and enter the beautiful tangle to be a nice gift and distinctive
د.ج.‏ 5,759.28 د.ج.‏ 3,000.89

men's nose hair trimmer

Hair trimming machine with built-in light Close vision of blades, And yet it is safe to use, and with strong vision light Hair Shaver Hairstyles with personal tool for men.For the ear, nose, eyebrow, neck, sideburns and hair around the ears. The German stainless steel blade is safe to touch. Includes longer blade, 50% more powerful, LED light, rubber non-slip grip and battery
د.ج.‏ 4,698.36 د.ج.‏ 2,273.40

Full Body Body Massager

Full Body Body Massager
د.ج.‏ 6,365.52 د.ج.‏ 3,000.89

Medical Prayer MAT

Medical Prayer Carpet 1 - redistribution of body weight equally 2- It is supported by the material of the fumar material 100% medical 3 - Provide complete comfort to the joints during prostration or sitting 4- Available in three attractive colors
د.ج.‏ 5,607.72 د.ج.‏ 3,000.89

Ceramic and wrought hair 800 W jl-2806

Hair straightening device for smoothness and individuality of all kinds of normal and dyed hair with temperature distinction 210 c Ceramic material suitable for all types of hair Long and durable wire Turnable switch for opening and locking device
د.ج.‏ 3,789.00 د.ج.‏ 2,000.59

Electronic head lice comb

Here is the distinctive comb, which is an effective and natural way to get rid of head lice, as it does not use harmful chemicals, and can be used by both adults and children. This device removes the lice and eggs during hair combing, and is equipped with stainless steel teeth that walk through the scalp to remove lice. When finished, all you have to do is separate the flutters and remove the lid to get rid of it in a healthy way.
د.ج.‏ 7,578.00 د.ج.‏ 3,789.00

full body massager mat

full body massager mat
د.ج.‏ 6,971.76 د.ج.‏ 4,546.80

Back support and alternative treatment

Advanced electronic massage system in the massage process and elegant design (For neck - shoulders - vertebrae - waist and buttocks - upper body and lower body)
د.ج.‏ 11,215.44 د.ج.‏ 9,063.29

Swivel Sweeper Cordless G6 Vacuum Cleaner

A 360 degree rechargeable wireless swivel can be used to clean all surface types, featuring a number of improvements, making cleaning easier, the secret behind its effectiveness and quick cleaning power behind the four rotary brushes that work in all directions and slide down the floor. Tiled and carpeted ...
د.ج.‏ 6,971.76 د.ج.‏ 4,698.36

Smart steam broom 5 in 1

Description of the smart steam broom x5 Everything you dream to simplify your life and make it perfect: 1 - shine and sterilize the ceramics 2 - Clean and clean the carpet and carpet 3 - ironing clothes steam 4 - Clean the surfaces of the bathrooms and narrow edges 5 - Polishing the car upholstery and ...
د.ج.‏ 11,215.44 د.ج.‏ 8,335.80

Sports Walking Device

• The best device for thigh and leg exercises • Strengthens the muscles of the thigh and leg • Tighten the side muscles and remove the laces completely • Contains 12 different exercises and more • Contains an electronic screen to know the number of miles, distance and time • Small size light weight easily carryable • Strengthens muscles without severe pressure on bones and joints • The lower level of resistance to exercise performance is easily adjustable • Contains braces to strengthen muscles
د.ج.‏ 10,760.76 د.ج.‏ 7,638.62

six Pack Care Abdominal Machine

six Pack Care Abdominal Machine
د.ج.‏ 11,215.44 د.ج.‏ 9,063.29

Shower with lemon and lavender flavors

- Removes chlorine and purifies water from impurities to prevent hair loss - Adds collagen and vitamin C to regenerate cells - Provides water and increases the payment at the same time - Reduce the volume of water droplets to make it feel soft - In addition to the amount of negative ions that come out with each drop with refreshing aromatic oil to make bathing more comfortable and enjoyable - The current concept of the traditional shower exceeds the access to the treated shower for all members of the community to be aware of their health and beauty, which robbed them of chlorinated bath water and impurities - an award-winning international water quality producer from (Switzerland, Spain, France)
د.ج.‏ 5,910.84 د.ج.‏ 3,000.89

Household Ice Cream Maker

Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Treat Maker, Black/Silver•Yonanas instantly turns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a delicious and healthy soft-serve treat.•The unit instantly churns the ingredients to produce a treat with the texture of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream•The chute easily ...
د.ج.‏ 6,668.64 د.ج.‏ 4,213.37

Vibrochip belt for cracking and dissolving fat

Get rid of cellulite and tighten the lashes and fat all over the body (abdomen, back, chest, shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks and legs)
د.ج.‏ 6,668.64 د.ج.‏ 4,546.80

Medical crutches for the elderly and people with special needs

* Special triangular legs help the crutch stand crutches without having to anchor it to anything * Can be kept in a very small space * Flexible in motion and adapts to movement and inclination * Contains 3 lights one on top for the upper and two lights down * Strong design
د.ج.‏ 4,546.80 د.ج.‏ 3,000.89

Power Bank 12000 MAH

Power Bank 12000MAH Power Bank is compatible with most mobile devices. Fast charge and discharge solution. You can charge the portable power supply and phone simultaneously
د.ج.‏ 4,698.36 د.ج.‏ 1,667.16

Auto Squeezing Toothpaste Dispenser -

Auto Squeezing Toothpaste Dispenser -
د.ج.‏ 2,000.59 د.ج.‏ 1,000.30

JL-2603 Hair dryer, 1000 watts of glennar

Hair Dryer With Brush, enjoy a quick and high-performance drying experience with a hair dryer from Glennar, because it is characterized by its innovative design, easy to carry and easy to carry with it, with its distinctive brush and stylus attached, it is all you need to get a striking look for your hair. The dryer contains two levels of speed and 3 temperature settings to be suitable for different hair types...
د.ج.‏ 4,698.36 د.ج.‏ 2,000.59

JUL6011Fast Hair Straighter Straightening Hair Comb Brush, Pink

Rated Power: Less than 29 W Diameter of thermal conductor: Less than15 mm Applicable hair: Dry Thermostat Adjustment Segments: 5 Certification: CE Product Frequency: 11V 60H 220V 50HZ Min. temperature: 150 °C Type: Monofunctional straightener Temperature Controller: Digital Max. temperature: ...
د.ج.‏ 4,728.67 د.ج.‏ 3,000.89

Smart Mobile watch

Compatible with all kinds of android devices 1. Supports a connection and a memory card so that it can be used as a separate phone. 2. Taking pictures 3 - Control the phone music through the clock 6. Step counter. 7. The clock will wake up when the phone is forgotten somewhere. 8. Works as a wake-up alarm. 9. Supports memory card up to 32 GB 10. Screen Dimensions: 1.56 "TFT HD LCD 11. Display Resolution: Resolution ratio: 240x240 pixel 12. Support MP3, MP4 13-camera support video function, 1.30 14-Support music format WAV, AAC, MP3, MIDI 15. Possibility of pairing with a Bluetooth headset
د.ج.‏ 5,607.72 د.ج.‏ 2,273.40

Mens corset

the description I'm a GOOD We're a best To look like a sports view You'll regain your physical laps without effort Of non-allergic cotton ores In the form of an internal vanilla relationship Bears of weight 90 to 110 kg
د.ج.‏ 3,789.00 د.ج.‏ 1,667.16

Towels for wiping with spray for polishing and disinfecting ceramics and magic marble

Towels for wiping with spray for polishing and disinfecting ceramics and magic marble
د.ج.‏ 1,060.92 د.ج.‏ 575.93

Six Pack Care-SIX POWER GYM-Six Power Care

six pack care,Wonder Core,Ab Exerciser REVOLUTIONARY 6-IN-1 NEW AB SCULPTING SYSTEM Dual resistance - works your muscles on the way up and the way down Perform 4 exercises: crunches, reverse crunches, knee tucks and oblique twists Comfortable, cushioned, massaging back support 180 degree range of motion
د.ج.‏ 10,912.32 د.ج.‏ 7,426.44

A thermal frequency massager for the treatment of joint and knee pain

The joint device for all knee problems is a device that saves you from roughness and knee friction Rheumatism knee ⏹ Injuries and torn ligaments of the knee Inflammation of the knee The cruciate ligament rupture Vibratory thermal therapy device and biologic stimulation of the knee by vibration which removes Pain in an innovative and effective way .. only needs 15 minutes daily
د.ج.‏ 19,551.24 د.ج.‏ 11,973.24

Back strap strengthen

Corset-magnetic-braces for the treatment of back curvature, which is a back brace in addition to pulling the shoulders back
د.ج.‏ 3,789.00 د.ج.‏ 2,273.40

HBQ i7 Mini Fashion Bluetooth Wireless Single Earphone

Experience the latest and latest developments in the world of audio technology with wireless earphones The speakers will change the way you listen to music
د.ج.‏ 3,789.00 د.ج.‏ 1,667.16

Nanum Car Plug Air Humidifier

High-quality swab and humidifier Touch screen Three modes (running, intermittent, off) Rotation 180 degrees Spray volume 25 ml per hour Working on 12V DC power.
د.ج.‏ 2,273.40 د.ج.‏ 1,212.48

Cracking and burning fat

- Helps to get rid of fat and cellulite in the skin and beautify the textures without surgical overlap (without surgery)
د.ج.‏ 9,093.60 د.ج.‏ 7,547.69

Easy Dish For Eating Utensils And Cutlery

Used to wash the dishwasher where it is easy for you to wash, made of plastic, there are brushes for cleaning, the dishes are inserted from the top to the gassily, there is a side mattress to clean the cups, the brushes are
د.ج.‏ 3,789.00 د.ج.‏ 1,667.16

Medical shoe for massage feet and parts of the body

Medical shoe for massage feet and parts of the body
د.ج.‏ 2,879.64 د.ج.‏ 1,788.41

JL-2604Hair dryer, 800 watts of glennar

Hair Dryer With Brush, enjoy a quick and high-performance drying experience with a hair dryer from Glennar, because it is characterized by its innovative design, easy to carry and easy to carry with it, with its distinctive brush and stylus attached, it is all you need to get a striking look for your hair. The dryer contains two levels of speed and 3 temperature settings to be suitable for different hair types...
د.ج.‏ 4,698.36 د.ج.‏ 2,000.59

For a sweeper and a 9x1 steamed broom

Integrated to clean the steam and sweep the floors and the carpet and is based on the sterilization of dust and germs and dirt Rinse, wash and dry at the same time 📍 Used in cleaning marble, carpets and wooden floors 📍 Eliminate germs and fungi, reach and clean the most difficult places Get a complete clean and sure
د.ج.‏ 20,005.92 د.ج.‏ 10,306.08

Body Massager with Electromagnetism

To remove fatigue and improve body functions Tennis machine massage To relieve the pain of rheumatism in different parts of the body The most important Rheumatism joints Lumbar muscle Stimulation of blood circulation Burn fat Skin Tightening Muscle strengthening lower back pain And telegraph Digital massage device Treatment by low electromagnetism Hua is a device that focuses on the pulse of certain points of the body Compact size, lightweight Large oval massage patches for comfortable massage Suitable for all people interested in their health Natural home remedies
د.ج.‏ 6,820.20 د.ج.‏ 5,304.60

Bluetooth headset top

Bluetooth headset top
د.ج.‏ 3,637.44 د.ج.‏ 1,667.16


Stabler Twister Vet Lock with a rope for the device for exercises of the thigh and leg .. Works to strengthen the muscles of the thigh and leg as it pulls the muscles of the side and remove the tails completely. Contains 12 different exercises and more. Contains an electronic screen for the number of miles, distance and time spent. Small size light weight easily carryable ..
د.ج.‏ 10,609.20 د.ج.‏ 8,335.80

Royal Massage Chair - Three - dimensional

Massage chair for massages of the following places Neck Back Lower backArmchairs and footrailsComputer chairsExternal footrestAutomatic massage program for a quarter of an hour or an hour can be operated optional massage.The chair is made of the best materials and leather has a long-lasting engine systemsThe chair is made of the best ...
د.ج.‏ 242,496.00 د.ج.‏ 215,973.00

Home oxygen generator for asthma patients and shortness of breath

Aerofamile is a spray type compressor used to deliver the drug into the body by converting it into a fine spray that is easily inhaled and is an ideal device for repeated use. It is used for all respiratory diseases and is especially suitable for people with these disorders and shortness of breath There are two mouth and nose joints with the device with different scales (adults and children). Air Purifier Filter
د.ج.‏ 11,821.68 د.ج.‏ 7,729.56