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Bicycle for office

About the product ADJUSTABLE TENSION: Allows you to vary your workout intensity. Low-impact exercise will strengthen and tone arms, shoulders, and legs without damaging joints. NON-SLIP RUBBER: Four anti-slip/anti-scuff rubber feet pads prevent sliding and protect surfaces. Sturdy metal frame allows the machine to handle a large amount of force. DIGITAL DISPLAY: LCD display provides 7 different readings including calories burned, RPM, speed and time. PORTABLE: Lightweight folding design is easy to move and store. DURABLE: Sturdy metal frame allows the machine to handle a large amount of force.
د.ج.‏ 3,182.76 د.ج.‏ 2,728.08


Stabler Twister Vet Lock with a rope for the device for exercises of the thigh and leg .. Works to strengthen the muscles of the thigh and leg as it pulls the muscles of the side and remove the tails completely. Contains 12 different exercises and more. Contains an electronic screen for the number of miles, distance and time spent. Small size light weight easily carryable ..
د.ج.‏ 10,609.20 د.ج.‏ 8,335.80

Aerobic exercise device

Burn fat, excess calories and strong muscles Useful and wonderful for people with pain or friction in the knee Does not generate pressure on the joints and knees Works to remove the rumen and reduce the buttocks and stiffness and highlight them to make the textures distinct He works on weight loss by one kilo in one week if he continues to use it for half an hour a day for a week. Useful and excellent for blood vessels and heart. Helps digestion. Works on the division of the body, for exa
د.ج.‏ 17,035.34 د.ج.‏ 13,640.40

Bicycle Exercise and Body Slimming Bike-A

You can keep it anywhere you want in your home and office and put it in the TV viewing room. Ability to control the strength of the exercise and rotation (light - Heavy.
د.ج.‏ 12,064.18 د.ج.‏ 7,214.26

Enlargement device and chest tightening

The Breast Enlargement System is successful and 100% guaranteed for its experience Specifications The latest device to enlarge the breasts with vibrations without effort in a short time easy to use under the clothes without trouble 1 - the first device to beautify the chest 2 - enlarge the size of the breast 3 - works to tighten and elastic and raise the breast 4 - increase blood circulation in the breast 5 - make the breast in good condition permanently 6. Easy to operate - attractive shape - easy to carry. The results appear within two weeks of the start of use Do not wear it twice a day every 20-30 minutes You decide how fast you feel in the massage. It not only addresses the problem of small breasts but also improves the shape of the breast that is slackening due to pregnancy, obesity and slimming Congenital malformations, aging and poor female hormones are given to women
د.ج.‏ 8,709.55 د.ج.‏ 5,688.65

Back support and alternative treatment

Advanced electronic massage system in the massage process and elegant design (For neck - shoulders - vertebrae - waist and buttocks - upper body and lower body)
د.ج.‏ 11,215.44 د.ج.‏ 9,063.29

sports wheel

This machine gives you agood cardio workout helps to burn colories Tighten the body in general and the area of thighs in particular
د.ج.‏ 13,640.40 د.ج.‏ 10,609.20

full body massager mat

full body massager mat
د.ج.‏ 6,971.76 د.ج.‏ 4,546.80

Massage Vibrator for pain, neck and body muscles

Massage Vibrator for pain, neck and body muscles
د.ج.‏ 11,124.50 د.ج.‏ 4,425.55

Luxury massage chair 3D

- Contains 24 different massage movements - Contains multiple massage systems such as sports system Relaxation system Elderly system Hypnosis system for those suffering from cartilage at the back - The device is characterized by a zero system - The chair features a built-in Bluetooth speaker system and headphones - You can control the angle of the chair and bending back until you take the position of the bed - The chair includes all members of the body, including the hand, arm, shoulder, leg, bottom of the foot and all other parts of the body - There is warranty, maintenance and post-warranty services - The chair is operated by Remote Control
د.ج.‏ 454,680.00 د.ج.‏ 333,432.00

دراجة هوائية

دراجة رياضية لشد وتخسيس البطن والارداف والافخاذ والارجل اختيار اللون
د.ج.‏ 11,973.24 د.ج.‏ 8,032.68

Flying deer 3 × 1

Is a home gym device for walking and aerobic exercise to slim the body and tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks and hands and abdomen movement of four-way
د.ج.‏ 29,554.20 د.ج.‏ 18,520.63

Bike 5 in 1 Orbit leave 100 KG

A home sports bike to reduce the body and tighten the muscles of the legs, buttocks, hands, abdomen and waist.
د.ج.‏ 6,668.64 د.ج.‏ 4,849.92

Fitness Group

A small step. Exercise ball. Rotating tablet. Rope rope. Exercise mat
د.ج.‏ 11,124.50 د.ج.‏ 8,275.18

Six Pack Care-SIX POWER GYM-Six Power Care

six pack care,Wonder Core,Ab Exerciser REVOLUTIONARY 6-IN-1 NEW AB SCULPTING SYSTEM Dual resistance - works your muscles on the way up and the way down Perform 4 exercises: crunches, reverse crunches, knee tucks and oblique twists Comfortable, cushioned, massaging back support 180 degree range of motion
د.ج.‏ 10,912.32 د.ج.‏ 7,426.44