Car care

Car care

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The lights of the car are flexible

LED daytime running lights JIAWEN 4W COB LED Flexible, 9-COB LED, 400L, 12V, 2 DIY model Silicone material Color Black + White + Multicolored Specifications Transmitter Type COB Total Emitters 9 Other BIN color Rate 12V DC Power 4W The actual candle is 320-400lumens Other features Waterproof IP65 Light application decoration, running daytime lights Dimensions and weight Dimensions 10.24 x 1.38 in x 0.2 in (26 cm x 3.5 cm x 0.5 cm) Weight 4.83 oz (137 g) packing list 2 * Daytime running lights ((40 +/- 2 cm cable)) 2 * side stickers do
د.ج.‏ 2,364.34 د.ج.‏ 2,030.90

Three-way car charger

Multi - USB high quality car charger - Speed ​​two - USB Port Car Charger for all smart phones, music players tablets, cameras, And other electronic devices Compatible globally with all audio devices, Tablets and smart phones
د.ج.‏ 2,728.08 د.ج.‏ 1,818.72

Integrated car and home box

The emergency kit includes a Mac 10 for your car repair kit hole, a safety belt cutter (if you're ever in a situation where you need to cut your seat belt) and also an emergency hammer. Not only is the Mac 10 small enough to fit your Kobe hole, but it is also multi-functional. You can charge any item that can be mounted on Mac 10 with USB cable. This includes • Mobile phones and devices • laptops • Game consoles • Digital cameras • MP3 • MP4 • MP5
د.ج.‏ 8,396.42 د.ج.‏ 8,032.68

Anti-collision rear cars

Wattage: 0.5 Material Type: Led Voltage: 12 volts Color temperature: 800 k Light source: halogen Car model: Al Yar: 2015 External Testing Certifications: Special Features: Prevent Mist Item Type: Fog Lights Item Diameter: 2 cm Item Weight: 0.1 KG Tag
د.ج.‏ 7,365.82 د.ج.‏ 3,273.70

Unisex Night Optic Vision Driving Anti Glare HD UV Protection Sunglasses

Unisex Night Optic Vision Driving Anti Glare HD UV Protection Sunglasses
د.ج.‏ 1,576.22 د.ج.‏ 1,121.54

Nanum Car Plug Air Humidifier

High-quality swab and humidifier Touch screen Three modes (running, intermittent, off) Rotation 180 degrees Spray volume 25 ml per hour Working on 12V DC power.
د.ج.‏ 2,273.40 د.ج.‏ 1,212.48

Portable car refrigerator

Portable car refrigerator
د.ج.‏ 39,193.42 د.ج.‏ 22,612.75

Portable Wet And Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner Auto Hoover Air Pump

1 2 3 Add comment View footer Comment text .. . Terms Add comment Terms of use Comment will be deleted in the following cases: Use of decorations in the comment. Write non-helpful comments, like irrelevant comments or promotion comments for your services Repeat words or phrases to draw attention. The dimensions of the broom: 24 * 24 * .
د.ج.‏ 5,001.48 د.ج.‏ 4,425.55

Car Vacuum Cleaner

the description Length: 28, Width 8, Height 11 Weight: 1.3 kg Car vacuum cleaner for suction and cleaning of seats, floors, and hard and narrow spaces (by car) Design (elegant, distinctive) Operating through the outlet (V) 12 Does not affect the car battery, Wire long (2)
د.ج.‏ 4,516.49 د.ج.‏ 2,940.26

GAS USB cable

GAS USB cable
د.ج.‏ 2,819.02 د.ج.‏ 1,576.22

Clean the car air conditioners from odors

Clean the car air conditioners from odors
د.ج.‏ 5,456.16 د.ج.‏ 3,849.62