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Be a seller on the mall

 The sales center is the main arena for sellers in the first place, where you can find everything you need to sell on the mall you can include your products, manage your orders, and monitor your performance.

 Steps to subscribe

1 - registered in the site of the mall as an opposites

2. Fill out the application below and attach a copy of the (national identity, residence or image of the commercial register)

3. You will be given the authority of the seller and will notify you via e-mail or contact

4 - You can enter your products yourself easily and in the case of any query you can call us 0566696132


The following should be considered when entering products

1. Images must be of high quality

2. The background should be white

3 - The description must be clear and express the product

4. The title of the product shall be the product's express and its inclusion in the search engines


We have decided to separate it from the buyer experience, where you can work and focus on developing your business. You will be able to purchase products on the mall simply by going to the main site.

We've renewed most of the jobs to make things easier and faster, from listing your products, managing orders, and getting money.

These tools are arranged according to their sections, as follows:

Motherboard: This panel is similar to your car's dashboard. We'll show you the most important numbers, merchandise traffic, and market metrics. Where you will find more details here.

Inventory Management: This is where you manage to list your products on the mall, we give you multiple tools to manage the goods whether you need to upload them one by one or all together.

Order Management: Yes, customers like to start here, where you can see here customers' requests for your products. You can follow the goods and make sure they are delivered to customers on time, so you will be able to get money and get customer recommendations if things go well.

Finance: Things are getting worse, right? Do not worry, they are not as complicated as it seems. You will see all transactions related to your sales, with details about the listed fees. You will also be able to withdraw money and transfer it to your bank account. It's wonderful.

We know that financial matters may be a bit complicated for some sellers, so we've decided to explain how this section works.

Performance: We believe that customer loyalty comes from behind the wonderful performance. This section has been dedicated to this. You will see a review of your performance on a monthly basis, as well as managing requests and complaints from users. A great performance and a few complaints will ultimately generate more confidence and sales.

Settings: Nothing special here, manage your account details and settings, including your business information, shipping addresses, bank account information, and more.

Start looking at the sales center with its various sections, where you will get more comfort when you start using them, we promise you.