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sports wheel

This machine gives you agood cardio workout helps to burn colories Tighten the body in general and the area of thighs in particular
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Flying deer 3 × 1

Is a home gym device for walking and aerobic exercise to slim the body and tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks and hands and abdomen movement of four-way
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Bike 5 in 1 Orbit leave 100 KG

A home sports bike to reduce the body and tighten the muscles of the legs, buttocks, hands, abdomen and waist.
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دراجة هوائية

دراجة رياضية لشد وتخسيس البطن والارداف والافخاذ والارجل اختيار اللون
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جهاز سير كهربائي ,5050 Treadmill

is a home gym for walking, running, burning fat and grease from the body and tightening the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Electricity input: 220 volts. Engine Power: 1 HP. Maximum user weight: 90 kg. Running surface area: 42 cm width 114 cm length. Speed ​​range: 0.8 to 14.8 kilometers per hour. Regression Level: 3 levels of manual background. Storage: Easy to apply and storage, wheeled for easy navigation. Monitors: 5 screens (speed - distance - time - heart rate - calories). Touchscreen: None. Software: 12 driver. Security key: There is an MP3 input. USB port: Available. Warranty: Two years. Country of Origin: China. Brand: Legiogia.
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Fitness Group

A small step. Exercise ball. Rotating tablet. Rope rope. Exercise mat
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