Bluetooth headset top

Bluetooth headset top
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Superior stereo audio quality, Convenient and comfortable, no more dangling wiresKeep warm, keep talking and keep music playingYou will look great and keep warm while listening to your favorite musicYou can receive the coming call by hat in cold winterKeep the sound track to your life playing 
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مشد الزنود حراري وترهلات اليدين كورسيه
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Household Ice Cream Maker

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Auto Squeezing Toothpaste Dispenser -

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Mini Style Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

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Refreshing shower dispensers - Lavender flavor

Refreshing shower dispensers - Lavender flavor
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Medical Prayer MAT

Medical Prayer Carpet 1 - redistribution of body weight equally 2- It is supported by the material of the fumar material 100% medical 3 - Provide complete comfort to the joints during prostration or sitting 4- Available in three attractive colors
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The camera is smart Wi-Fi running remotely

Piccell: 720p Solution: 1280 * 720 Lens: 3.6 mm ImageAgent: Auto White Balance Night vision: double filter, day and night automatic switch, 10 LED lights, maximum distance vision distance: 10 meters Operating System: IBM Linux Operating System Imag Shinsor: Camus Video Standards: PAL Noise indication: Greater than or equal to 50DB Video quality: 25FPS IMAG Motion Detection: Support Photo Crow Faction: Suport System support: Windows, Windows 7 Mobile Phone Monitoring: Yeos, Android Audio Inbott: Bilt-In Microphone 45DB Audio Outboot: Bilt-In 8 Ohms, 1.5 Watt Speakers Video Mode: Manual recording, Dynamic recording, Recording timer, Alarm recording Video Save: Save card
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Smart Mobile watch

Compatible with all kinds of android devices 1. Supports a connection and a memory card so that it can be used as a separate phone. 2. Taking pictures 3 - Control the phone music through the clock 6. Step counter. 7. The clock will wake up when the phone is forgotten somewhere. 8. Works as a wake-up alarm. 9. Supports memory card up to 32 GB 10. Screen Dimensions: 1.56 "TFT HD LCD 11. Display Resolution: Resolution ratio: 240x240 pixel 12. Support MP3, MP4 13-camera support video function, 1.30 14-Support music format WAV, AAC, MP3, MIDI 15. Possibility of pairing with a Bluetooth headset
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Shower with lemon and lavender flavors

- Removes chlorine and purifies water from impurities to prevent hair loss - Adds collagen and vitamin C to regenerate cells - Provides water and increases the payment at the same time - Reduce the volume of water droplets to make it feel soft - In addition to the amount of negative ions that come out with each drop with refreshing aromatic oil to make bathing more comfortable and enjoyable - The current concept of the traditional shower exceeds the access to the treated shower for all members of the community to be aware of their health and beauty, which robbed them of chlorinated bath water and impurities - an award-winning international water quality producer from (Switzerland, Spain, France)
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