Corset thermoplastic corset

مشد الزنود حراري وترهلات اليدين كورسيه
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مشد الزنود حراري وترهلات اليدين كورسيه

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Mens corset

the description I'm a GOOD We're a best To look like a sports view You'll regain your physical laps without effort Of non-allergic cotton ores In the form of an internal vanilla relationship Bears of weight 90 to 110 kg
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HBQ i7 Mini Fashion Bluetooth Wireless Single Earphone

Experience the latest and latest developments in the world of audio technology with wireless earphones The speakers will change the way you listen to music
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Bluetooth headset top

Bluetooth headset top
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Vibrochip belt for cracking and dissolving fat

Get rid of cellulite and tighten the lashes and fat all over the body (abdomen, back, chest, shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks and legs)
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Towels for wiping with spray for polishing and disinfecting ceramics and magic marble

Towels for wiping with spray for polishing and disinfecting ceramics and magic marble
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A device to clean the feet and remove the dead skin

Foot-cleaning device and removal of the dead skin Spin the scraper skin until 2000 times per minute Remove dry and dead skin and leave your feet very soft The device can be operated with electricity and includes USB can also be operated with batteries (4 batteries 1.5 volt) does not contain contains another pulley For scraping next to the ...
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Wake the device teeth bleaching by UV rays

• 100% BRAND NEW • Whitens in just 10 minutes • Easy to use • Easy to maintain • Perfect for use before wedding and other big days! • Note: There are two different color gels, but both are the same .
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natural bamsuitboo slimming

• The suit is characterized by soft texture • Unique Bamboo fibers work to fight bacteria and maintain body health • Give you comfort when wearing • Give the body a beautiful and attractive shape and maintain skin freshness • Give your body a healthy and glamorous look • Helps you get a healthy and healthy body • Gives a great look • Stretches the waist area.
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Corset waist carving

Corset body that helps you eat a little food because of pressure saves you from fat and tummy tuck, and back and sides and reduce abdominal muscles significantly and noticeable wearing a corset or corset body under clothing is a wonderful solution for the coordination of the body can be worn under the evening clothes and events gives the body form a coordinated and wonderful Wear it at work o
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Medical crutches for the elderly and people with special needs

* Special triangular legs help the crutch stand crutches without having to anchor it to anything * Can be kept in a very small space * Flexible in motion and adapts to movement and inclination * Contains 3 lights one on top for the upper and two lights down * Strong design
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Auto Squeezing Toothpaste Dispenser -

Auto Squeezing Toothpaste Dispenser -
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Mini Style Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

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Refreshing shower dispensers - Lavender flavor

Refreshing shower dispensers - Lavender flavor
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Medical Prayer MAT

Medical Prayer Carpet 1 - redistribution of body weight equally 2- It is supported by the material of the fumar material 100% medical 3 - Provide complete comfort to the joints during prostration or sitting 4- Available in three attractive colors
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Cracking and burning fat

- Helps to get rid of fat and cellulite in the skin and beautify the textures without surgical overlap (without surgery)
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Smart Mobile watch

Compatible with all kinds of android devices 1. Supports a connection and a memory card so that it can be used as a separate phone. 2. Taking pictures 3 - Control the phone music through the clock 6. Step counter. 7. The clock will wake up when the phone is forgotten somewhere. 8. Works as a wake-up alarm. 9. Supports memory card up to 32 GB 10. Screen Dimensions: 1.56 "TFT HD LCD 11. Display Resolution: Resolution ratio: 240x240 pixel 12. Support MP3, MP4 13-camera support video function, 1.30 14-Support music format WAV, AAC, MP3, MIDI 15. Possibility of pairing with a Bluetooth headset
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