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Turkish coffee with a cup of golden color

Turkish coffee with a cup of golden color
51.02 (EUR) 36.20 (EUR)

Tri Stand for Foil, Tissues and Nylon

Keep kitchen tissues, foil, and nylon readily at hand, with this wall mountable Tri Stand for Foil, Tissues, and Nylon. It holds tissue firmly and features sliding cutters for the foil and transparent nylon dispensers, ensuring less wastage and neat edges that look spruce and are eas
86.48 (EUR) 25.51 (EUR)

Multisectoral and integrated

Specifications and Features of Multipurpose Multifunction Cutter 11 in 1 Components Three blades / blades for vegetables of different sizes (6 mm x 6 mm or 12 mm x 12 mm) Blade (6 mm x 36 mm or 18 mm x 18 mm) Used for quarters or prices A vegetable cutting scheme. Beshara Bakhara has added extra vegetables with a transparent .
23.08 (EUR) 13.36 (EUR)

Magic Blush Champs

The Armor Drying Towel has an exceptional absorbency capacity that absorbs up to 8 times its weight of soft and soft water, as it is lint-free and does not cause scratches Easy to use and washable Washable and Dry Suitable for use in cars, household appliances
2.27 (EUR) 6.07 (EUR)

Smart steam broom 5 in 1

Description of the smart steam broom x5 Everything you dream to simplify your life and make it perfect: 1 - shine and sterilize the ceramics 2 - Clean and clean the carpet and carpet 3 - ironing clothes steam 4 - Clean the surfaces of the bathrooms and narrow edges 5 - Polishing the car upholstery and ...
89.89 (EUR) 66.81 (EUR)

Vacuum cleaning broom

زعافة وفرشاة الغبار بالبطارية زعافة وفرشاة الغبار تعمل بالبطارية لتنظيف الاجهزة الكهربائية والستائر فرشاة تنظيف الغبار مزودة بزجاجة بها سائل للتنظيف. سهل تنظيف فرشاة تنظيف الغبار الاليكتروستاتيكية عن طريق الماء بها زرار للتشغيل . فرشة
23.08 (EUR) 13.36 (EUR)

View Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend Collection 1 - Refrigerator coffee or tea or hot water 2 - evaporated elders in gold color large size and elegant and works with electricity 3 - Heater for tastings, sandwiches and sandwiches
45.43 (EUR) 37.17 (EUR)