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Shower with lemon and lavender flavors

- Removes chlorine and purifies water from impurities to prevent hair loss - Adds collagen and vitamin C to regenerate cells - Provides water and increases the payment at the same time - Reduce the volume of water droplets to make it feel soft - In addition to the amount of negative ions that come out with each drop with refreshing aromatic oil to make bathing more comfortable and enjoyable - The current concept of the traditional shower exceeds the access to the treated shower for all members of the community to be aware of their health and beauty, which robbed them of chlorinated bath water and impurities - an award-winning international water quality producer from (Switzerland, Spain, France)
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A thermal frequency massager for the treatment of joint and knee pain

The joint device for all knee problems is a device that saves you from roughness and knee friction Rheumatism knee ⏹ Injuries and torn ligaments of the knee Inflammation of the knee The cruciate ligament rupture Vibratory thermal therapy device and biologic stimulation of the knee by vibration which removes Pain in an innovative and effective way .. only needs 15 minutes daily
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Full Body Body Massager

Full Body Body Massager
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Body Massager with Electromagnetism

To remove fatigue and improve body functions Tennis machine massage To relieve the pain of rheumatism in different parts of the body The most important Rheumatism joints Lumbar muscle Stimulation of blood circulation Burn fat Skin Tightening Muscle strengthening lower back pain And telegraph Digital massage device Treatment by low electromagnetism Hua is a device that focuses on the pulse of certain points of the body Compact size, lightweight Large oval massage patches for comfortable massage Suitable for all people interested in their health Natural home remedies
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Full Body Massager

The machine is of high quality Manual massage for all areas of the body Massage Features: Contains a manual handle easy musk. - Contains several speeds for massage power. - Contains number. Of the pieces are dedicated to the entire body areas. - The pieces are used for massage : Back, - the neck , -Head , -knee , - feet, -the shoulder
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Eye massager

Helps remove bags around the eyes and reduce blackness Enzymes activate the muscles in the muscles surrounding the eyes, which helps to clear the vision Increases oxygen uptake, thus activating optical neurons.
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Thermal foot massager

The device of massage the feet by pressing the air balloons with the wheels down the feet and also can run the temperature to give a better feeling with massage, and the shape and design of the new three-dimensional comfort of the feet
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Bicycle for office

About the product ADJUSTABLE TENSION: Allows you to vary your workout intensity. Low-impact exercise will strengthen and tone arms, shoulders, and legs without damaging joints. NON-SLIP RUBBER: Four anti-slip/anti-scuff rubber feet pads prevent sliding and protect surfaces. Sturdy metal frame allows the machine to handle a large amount of force. DIGITAL DISPLAY: LCD display provides 7 different readings including calories burned, RPM, speed and time. PORTABLE: Lightweight folding design is easy to move and store. DURABLE: Sturdy metal frame allows the machine to handle a large amount of force.
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Home sauna

Sauna bath helps to reduce stress - The sauna bath helps to relax the muscles and calm the pain, especially pain joints - Helps to expel toxins - Help clean the skin - Sauna lava helps improve cardiovascular function - Sauna baths help to fight disease - The sauna bath helps to improve the mental state
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Medical Prayer MAT

Medical Prayer Carpet 1 - redistribution of body weight equally 2- It is supported by the material of the fumar material 100% medical 3 - Provide complete comfort to the joints during prostration or sitting 4- Available in three attractive colors
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Massage chair for car and home

Back massage chair and paragraphs specializes in • Get rid of spinal pain • Eliminate cartilage slide • Get rid of neck pain and shoulders • Shoulder stiffness. • Elimination of peripheral neuropathitis Used at home and car
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Memory Medical Foam

gel pillow .. Made from Memory Foam for permanent comfort in sleep Get rid of Back pain Headache and insomnia Neck pain Facial temperature Features of medical gel pad Soft snowy feel Attractive shape Thin on head and neck Fit the head and neck curvature
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Triple foot massage

Get rid of body pain, stress and fatigue With three-dimensional foot massage .. With Thai technology ... Relieves tired foot pain effectively Energizes and increases the vitality of circulation Relieves nervous tension Helps to beautify your feet and take care of them
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Cracking and burning fat

- Helps to get rid of fat and cellulite in the skin and beautify the textures without surgical overlap (without surgery)
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Aerobic chair massage

Aerial massage chair (Electric inflatable chair) accompanied by electric bellows The new innovative solution for more convenience Combining modern design and ultimate comfort Waterproof and made of high quality material It bears up to 120 kg Foldable Ideal for relaxing and watching TV or reading Massage technology Vertebrae Waist The buttocks
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Neck massage

Neck massage belt, shoulders, buttocks and back with a shock wave Helps you get rid of the poverty column - Get rid of neck pain and back - Get rid of cartilage slide - To enjoy the sleep of Hadi without anxiety -
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Mens corset

the description I'm a GOOD We're a best To look like a sports view You'll regain your physical laps without effort Of non-allergic cotton ores In the form of an internal vanilla relationship Bears of weight 90 to 110 kg
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Refreshing shower dispensers - Lavender flavor

Refreshing shower dispensers - Lavender flavor
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Refreshing shower dispensers - lemon flavor

Refreshing shower dispensers - lemon flavor Vitamin C Collagen Chlorine remover Jasmine flavor
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Jasmine-treated shower fresheners

Jasmine-treated shower fresheners
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Rotating saucer to sculpt the waist

Rotating saucer to sculpt the waist
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