Shipping & returns

Login → perform return steps (within 9 days after receiving the request) Playe4 check the return steps by Customer service (within 72 hours) → Return the pieces → The receipt of the application by the Mole
→ Refund
1. Login to your account-requests: Press "return" on the right side of the dialing number
2. Select the pieces you want to return and select the reason: upload the picture related to the widget
3. The mole will check the return process within 72 hours, the return details will be sent through e-mail. "
4. Encapsulate the application in the original envelope and then seal the package with a security label and attach the number of the order to the sheet inside the package
5. Perform the return operation and load the return number through the return steps, this is too important for the refund.
.6. We will return directly to your account based on the existing notes, when you receive your request. Note:
1. You can perform the return operation within 9 days after receiving your request.
2. Cannot accept return if no return steps are performed electronically
3. The following pieces you can't film to return: underwear, swimmer's clothes, visons, camels.
4. The pieces to be returned should be unused and encapsulated in the original cover. (Any pieces that have been or have been worn, damaged, scanned or modified are not accepted.
5. The customer will be responsible for shipping costs if the return is due to the customer's wish.. Please select an appropriate shipping method
.6. Return requests are not accepted by payment upon receipt.